Records Management Assistant (RMA) Description





  • Specially, this will include sharing and communicating information about Records Management services, procedures, resources, issues, and compliance with the sub-unit.


  • As the representative of your sub-unit, attend meetings of the Unit’s RM team led by the Unit’s RML. Be able to discuss RM situations, issues, projects, and successes as it relates to your sub-unit


  • With support from other employees in your sub-unit, ensure that your sub-unit’s records are…
    • …organized to be easily searched in order to find specific documents.
    • …stored securely (only those that need to can access certain records).
    • ...not retained longer than they should be.
    • …disposed of appropriately (destroyed beyond recovery or transferred to University Archives).


  • If located at University Park:
    • Maintain current knowledge of services and resources provided by the Inactive Records Center, such as secure records storage, transfer and retrieval of stored records, and secure destruction services.
    • Maintain familiarity with the services and resources provided by the Blue/White Shredding Program and LionSurplus for secure destruction of University Records stored in offices and on computers or external hard drives.


  • If located at Commonwealth Campus:
    • Use secure records storage and destruction services approved by your Financial Officer/Director of Business Services.
    • Maintain familiarity with approved methods of secure destruction of University Records stored in offices, on computer systems, external hard drives, and in the cloud.


  • As it relates to your Unit, maintain an understanding of the Penn State University Archives and its services, resources, and procedures. Be able to distinguish between University Records, which have a fixed retention period and Archival Records that have enduring historical value.


  • In order to receive credit for taking on these additional tasks, RMA duties and responsibilities can be added to the employee’s Job Responsibilities Work (JRW).


  • Additionally, training provided by the Office of Records Management can be found on the Learning Resource Network (LRN): and Penn State Human Resources Talent Management Upcoming Programs. Completed trainings can be viewed as credit on the employee’s LRN transcript. 


Revision information:

December 10, 2019 – Updated RMA appointment process which is now handled by the Financial Officer or Director of Business Services.

Replaced information about earning credit via You@PSU system with adding RMA duties to JRW.   

November 11, 2015 – RMA Description first created and published.

Date Approved: 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Date Published: 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Effective Date: 

Monday, September 30, 2019